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Welcome to This website emphasizes the training necessary to control and overly aggressive dog. Our web site has a variety of articles by Ed Frawley, a dog training professional who has been work with aggressive dogs since 1972.

Our web site also includes a variety of products and training DVDs that have been designed and produced by Ed Frawley to be used specifically on dominant dogs.

Ed Frawley has produced over 120 DVDs on dog-training since 1982. His skill in training dogs whether it be with dog aggression, dominance in dogs, or basic dog obedience is useful for every dog owner out there.

Unwanted dog aggression is something everyone has an opinion on. The problem is very, very few professional dog trainers have the experience to offer good solid advice on serious dog aggression. Ed Frawley has the experience to back up his philosophy of dog training and his system of controlling and re-socializing a dominant and aggressive dog.

If your family owns a dominant dog that has shown aggression towards another family member or if your family owns a dog that has bitten a family member, you need to make changes in how you live with this dog. Study's have shown the the first dog bite almost always leads to a second and third dog bite, with each sucessive dog bite being worse than the one before. Unfortunately, many people will say the answer to this problem is to kill the dog. Truth is, running the dog through a pack structure training program can often solve the problem.

The fact is most dogs are followers and not leaders. They want a strong and fair pack leader. When this is not available many dogs will step up and assume a leadership position. Doing so often makes them nervous and unhappy. When owners are willing to change the way they live with these dogs they can often end up with a happier, well-trained dog. However, the owner has to make the effort for this to happen. Ed Frawley's program teaches owners how to be pack leaders.

If you want a feel for the experience that Ed Frawley brings to the subject of dog aggression, please visit the list of training articles on this web site. Read the articles Ed Fralwey has written on dog aggression and purchase his DVDs to change the way you live with your dog.






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Dog Aggression Supplies

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Remote Collar Training for the Pet Owner DVD by Ed Frawley

Remote Collar Training for the
Pet Owner

By Ed Frawley

Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs DVD by Ed Frawley

Dealing with Dominant and Aggressive Dogs

By Ed Frawley

Basic Dog Obedience DVD by Ed Frawley

Basic Dog

By Ed Frawley

Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet DVD by Ed Frawley

Establishing Pack Structure with the Family Pet

By Ed Frawley

Dominant Dog Collars for Aggressive Dogs

Dominant Dog Collars
The Power of Training with Markers DVD by Ed Frawley

The Power of Training Dogs with Markers

By Ed Frawley